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Penporium is an online retailer and is located just outside of Los Angeles, CA. The owner of Penporium, Mr. Roger Stein has long since been an aficionado of the level of craftsmanship involved in items like fine knives, watches, lighters, clocks, but he had never been a ‘collector’ until he fell engaged with the beauty of luxury writing instruments. Just like training horses, it is always the fine details that matter.

Roger loves to write and continues to be fascinated with the art of communicating, and the power of the written word. He has on average 8 to 10 luxury writing instruments, mostly crafted from precious metal in rotation every week, all are filled with black ink.

It was not long before Roger had accumulated several hundred pens in his collection, and that was when he became aware that he is not the only person that has a love of fine writing instruments. As a consumer, he knew the frustrations of trying to find limited editions that were sold out or were produced in very small quantities, and that is when his hobby began to develop into a business. was born in 2007.

*About Roger Stein –
A very successful Trainer for Harness and Thoroughbreds on the Southern California circuit.
Roger Stein
Roger started owning Standardbred horses in 1976, received his training license in 1979, was the most successful and best ever Harness trainer in California. He eventually converted to training Thoroughbreds in early 1997 on the Southern California circuit. He soon becomes a household name in the horse racing business, so much so, that his victories in winning so many races in Southern California reached across the pond and he was personally invited to meet with HM Queen Elizabeth at Royal Ascot. That meeting with Queen Elizabeth came in 1991 when Stein flew the thoroughbred horse Forty Niner Days across the pond to run in the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes at Royal Ascot.

Roger SteinThanks to Roger’s financial success in the horse training and racing industry, he was able to invest heavily in Today carries more than 15,000 fine writing instruments and has those pens in stock. This is unique because no other pen retailer can afford to hold such a large and varied stock holding of writing instruments. Every pen featured on Penporium’s website is available for immediate shipping. Penporium’s mission is to provide the best quality and variety of regular, limited and unique writing instruments, all available for purchase with immediate shipping. Roger has trained and raced more than 2,000 horses in his career and is ranked as one of the top 20 horse trainers in Thoroughbred races throughout North America by Equibase.

*Why should everyone own and use a good pen?
Roger’s father used to own a clothing business specializing in cowboy clothes, which at the time was very popular. He fitted many celebrities of the time, Tom Jones, Jonathan Winters, Paul Newman, Charles Bronson, Steven McQueen, Bert Reynolds, Diana Shore among others. Earlier in his childhood, Roger recognized that it is vital to pay attention to the small details in life; A well-fitting suit, proper haircut, great shoes. Owning a quality fine writing instrument is just as important. It sets you apart in today’s somewhat impersonal and technology-driven world. Through the power of a handwritten note, you impart your personality by details as small as the way you write your characters to form a word. Letters today are as important as they were when written with a goose feather quill dipped in handmade
iron gall ink.

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