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On 20 October, 1916, 'the first and most important Italian manufacturer of fountain pens (as recordered on the certiciage of registration) was established in Florence. It was called, "TIBALDI & Co." Since that time and throughout the twentieth century, people from all walks of life, be they great writers or everyday people wishing to write down their thoughts, have savored TIBALDI's elegant, reliable pens.

TIBALDI pens are designed to allure three senses – sight, touch and hearing. Offered in a choice of three writing modes, their fountain pens utilize an innovative filling system that has secured an international patent. Rotating the pen’s blind cap when filling the pen has the same sound and feel as manually winding a watch crown. The mechanism applies a slight resistance to rotation, avoiding brusque movements at the bottom of the pen, reducing the risk of accidental leakages.

Since 2007 TIBALDI by Montegrappa has created some of the most collectible and highly sought after limited pens and luxury writing instruments. TIBALDI by Montegrappa editions are as exquisite as they are reliable!
Phi – the concept known as the Divine Proportion – informs every aspect of the structure of all TIBALDI pens. For example, the proportion between the pen’s cap and the visible portion of the barrel when the pen is closed equals the phi ratio, 1.618.

TIBALDI by Montegrappa writing instruments incorporate the perfect strike between modern looks and classic design.