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Stipula has been working alongside Florentine craftsman for more than fifty years, giving the pen style a blend of culture, art and tradition that obeys the heritage of Florence.

Founded by Renzo Salvadori in 1973, Stipula is committed to quality and accuracy in all their writing instruments and have developed a reputation for combining the classic aesthetic of an elegant pen with technological solutions to create a superior writing instrument for the writer.

For more than 50 years, Stipula has always embraced a commitment to creating the best of the best!

Photo on the left: 1945 Chisso del Buco - Florence.

Chiasso del Busco, the small courtyard near the Signoria of Florence where Renzo Salvadori - founder of Stipula - a young boy just fifteen years old began in 1945 to work on the lathe for the pieces of fountain pens.

Photo on the right: 1946 - the years of Oratory - Florence.

Renzo Salvadori around the age of fifteen in an image with the companions of the oratory of San Pietro in
Varying, the neighborhood of Florence which he came from (Renzo is the third from the left in front row).

Photo on the left - 1975 Stipula workshop

A glimpse of Stipula's workshop in the early '70s. Some of these young workers are still working at the Stipula production.

Photo on the right - 2000 The Stipula team.

The Sti-Flex nib is based on the ancient globes technical criteria, which were completely forgotten today. The Sti-flex, thanks to the very peculiar combination of lamination, cutting, forming and refining of the point, is an authentic flexible nib of the end of the '30s and as such it stands out among the few nibs today capable of excellent expressiveness on paper.