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Sheaffer Stars of Egypt

5,000 years in the Making

A Culture of Fine Writing

Ancient Egypt (ca. 3000 B.C. – 30 B.C.) was one of the grandest and most enduring civilizations ever to inhabit the earth. Massive temples, soaring pyramids, star clocks and calendars are just some of the marvelous creations of the Ancient Egyptians. Ancient Egypt is also credited with introducing the earliest known writing system – hieroglyphic writing. Dating back to late in the fourth millennium B.C., hieroglyphic writing employed pictorial symbols to communicate ideas. Used in virtually the same format for nearly 3000 years, administrative documents, songs, religious texts and grave inscriptions were all recorded using hieroglyphic writing.

Over time, hieroglyphic writing evolved into “hieratic” script – a cursive script that allowed for faster writing on smooth surfaces like papyrus - a woven mat of reeds pounded together into a hard, thin sheet. Hieratic script evolved over time to a more simplified version – demotic script – which was used along with hieroglyphics for inscriptions on The Rosetta Stone, a black granite slab dating back to 196 B.C. The writing on the Rosetta Stone was the key that allowed the world to uncover the mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

A multifaceted civilization revered
In addition to being inventors and craftsmen, Ancient Egyptians were guided by a profound interest in the heavens. In fact, the Ancient Egyptians are recognized as being among the very first astronomers. Using the stars as a guide, the Egyptians accurately aligned their pyramids and temples to the four cardinal points, developed a 365 day calendar, and divided the day into 24 hours. Different constellations and stars were associated with their gods and goddesses. Osiris was one of the most important deities in Ancient Egypt, associated primarily with fertility, death, and resurrection. Isis was arguably the most important goddess in Egyptian religion, standing for motherhood and fertility, healing the sick, and working magical spells and charms.

In celebration of Ancient Egypt
Through the Sheaffer® Stars of Egypt Limited Edition Collection, Sheaffer Pen is proud to pay tribute to the Ancient Egyptians – their fascinating culture, their contributions to the world and to defining the written language. This finely crafted, one-of-a kind collection of fine writing instruments is, truly, 5,000 years in the making. It is destined to be a treasure for the ages.

The Stars of Egypt Limited Edition was released in mid-November 2006 as two versions and two writing modes. This edition sold out quickly.

  • Solid Gold Fountain Pen, 30 numbered pieces - US $20,000.00
  • Sterling Silver Fountain Pen, 360 numbered pieces - US $3,500.00
  • Sterling Silver Rollerball Pen, 139 numbered pieces - US $3,250.00

About Sheaffer
The year: 1912. The place: Fort Madison, Iowa. Walter A. Sheaffer takes his grand idea of a pen-filling apparatus that utilizes a lever system and, with his life savings, founds the W.A. Sheaffer company. The physical space of the company is a modest one -- the backroom of Mr. Sheaffer's jewelry store -- but the vision of the company is much more than modest. Nearly a century later, Sheaffer continues to offer generation after generation innovative, reliable and stylish writing instruments. These pens are used worldwide by loyal and diverse friends who appreciate elegance and class.

What's in the Box
Sterling Silver Fountain Pen, inkwell, polishing cloth, blue and black ink cartridges, wood box.

    • Solid .925 sterling silver cap and barrel
    • Blue acrylic on the cap top, barrel end cap, and section
    • Cap band engraved "SHEAFFER ITALY 925 STERLING SILVER" and edition number
    • Palladium plated clip
    • Solid 18 karat gold palladium plated Inlaid nib hallmarked with Sheaffer jeweler's mark, "18K" and "750"
    • Nib grade is medium only
    • Fountain pen uses standard Sheaffer Skrip cartridges or fills from bottled ink with provided piston converter
    • Rollerball pen uses Sheaffer Slim rollerball refills
    • Packaged in oversize Sheaffer blue star themed gift box with commemorative booklet, refills and polishing cloth
    • Fountain pen packaged with custom hand-blown glass inkwell
    • Rollerball pen packaged with custom made glass paperweight
    • Launched in November 2006 with the Retail price for the fountain pen is US $3,500.00, matching capped rollerball pen is US $3,250.00

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