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Pelikan is an established German stationery brand and company since 1838. The company was founded as an ink and paint factory by a chemist, Carl Hornemann in Hannover, Germany in 1832. The official founding date of Pelikan is 28 April 1838. Another founding father of Pelikan, Günther Wagner joined the company in 1863 as a chemist and plant manager, and took over in 1871. He registered his family crescent, the pelican, in 1878 as a trademark for the company, used to mark his paints to distinguish them from the others. The Pelikan logo is now one of the oldest registered trademarks in Germany.

Since then, Pelikan grew into a success story, with good management and vast expansions across Europe, enlarged factories and pioneering products. Pelikan invented and manufactured more and more products over the decades, including office products for copying, stamping, sticking and erasing, inks, and water colour paints for children. In 1929, Pelikan invented the first fountain pen with an innovative plunger piston mechanism and thereafter started inventing writing instruments for use in schools and offices as well as high valued writing instruments.

Today, Pelikan is one of the market leaders and pioneers in writing instruments and stationery industry worldwide. Pelikan is globally renowned for the diversity of its stationery supplies and offers high quality products from high-valued writing instruments, hobby paints, office stationery, school supplies and printer consumables for use by children, students, parents, teachers, office workers and pen collectors. Pelikan strives to maintain the brand’s good reputation that stands for high quality, innovation, reliability, diversity and creativity in its product offerings. Pelikan is proud of its German tradition, heritage, technology and craftsmanship and aims to continuously improve on its quality standards across all its product categories. Pelikan aims to create products that inspire creativity and imagination, encouraging people to express themselves in diverse ways, be it through painting, writing or drawing.
High-Quality Pelikan Products from the Field "Fine Writing"

Pelikan - This brand stands for reliable writing instruments with a wide product range. This company is conscious of tradition and resort to decades of experience, because, whether it is a fountain, rollerball or a ballpoint pen, one writing instrument is not like the other.

If you are looking for that certain something, or you, quite rightly, enjoy a sophisticated taste, or you simply wish for more elegance then you are absolutely right here. In the tradition-steeped field of fine writing we offer you high-quality Pelikan products, perfectly combined with tried and tested brand quality, as well as perfected and refined state of the art elegance.