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LABAN Pen Corporation was founded in 1981, when John Hu partnered with his brother Charles to build their own manufacturing plant with the goal of producing the highest quality Silver and Rhodium-plated writing instruments. With the 1993 introduction of its Filigree line of metal overlay pens utilizing a specialized etching process; LABAN had established itself as a major international manufacture.

Vatican Museum Pen and Pope Benedict XVI writes with a Laban!
LABAN is proud to produce designs for special private labeling needs. From 1997 to 1999, the LABAN was selected to be the exclusive manufacture of the Vatican Museum line of pens, producing the Museum’s stunning and unique designs.

In 2004, Laban received the Lewis & Clark Award for Best Writing Instrument from the Royal Academy of Arts in the United Kingdom for its Dragon fountain pen.

The pen industry faces tremendous challenges from a changing culture. LABAN’s goal for the future is not to pursue a volume business, but to make unique pens that reflect traditional handcraft and value of natural.