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FANDOM by Montegrappa

Emblems of obsession

What pastime can be more fulfilling than losing oneself to great literature, cinema or sport? Their escapism entrances and infects, sometimes to the point of obsession. We seek out other like-minded souls to share our passion and savor the minutiae. Montegrappa’s Fandom class honors the joy of obsession, with collections created with the faithfulness, intrigue, and detail worthy of true fans.


Forged for the feudal
Official HBO® collection

The heraldry of Game of Thrones merges with the noblest weapon of all. Clip-mounted figures depicting direwolf, stag, lion, and dragon reveal the allegiances of their bearer, while Westeros unites the sigils of rival houses under the might of one sword. Cast from steel at the foot of the Italian Dolomites, Montegrappa’s acclaimed tribute to the epic HBO® saga puts the power in your hands.
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