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In the idyllic area between Lago Maggiore and Lago di Como, North from Milano and just a few miles away from the Swiss border, lays Varese, a picturesque Italian city of about 20.000 souls. There, decades ago, Mario Ferrari, who had been dealing with and selling pens and pen-parts for years across the Continent, founded his own company: Ferrari da Varese.

Now in the second generation, with son Ivan in charge of the distribution and the marketing of the brand, Ferrari da Varese has kept its human-size, its independence and the entrepreneurial spirit. The production itself is partly made in Germany, where the Ferraris are owners of a production facility, and partly made in Italy.

Located not far from Pforzheim, the very heart of the traditional production area for jewellery and luxury accessories in German Schwarzwald, the equipment and machinery available are state-of-the-art, but when it comes to hand-operated crafts, like the hand-engraving or the laying of glass-enamel on the pens, Italian craftsmen and specialists are required because no machines can replace humans for this kind of fine works.