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With a family heritage of fine craftmanship to the 1890's there are many reasons and stories which explain the rich pool of knowledge, design and craftmanship every item has behind it.

In design, historical influences, natural and architectural elements combine with pure inspiration. This methodology brings you a pen with a tactile feel, seducing you into revealing your thoughts on paper every time you write.

A palette of precious metals, delicate swirling Curtis resin and carefully chosen precious gems, together with hours of dedicated skill goes into the creation one of the most intensively hand crafted pens available today. Curtis artisans understand the importance of patience and care.

Design is a keystone of everything created at Curtis Australia. From initial sketches, ideas begin to evolve. References are gathered, illustrations prepared, debate about the balance between form and function is energetic and robust.

Curtis enjoys every moment of the art of crafting a bespoke pen, from selecting precious gems to polishing the final brilliantly reflective result.
The biggest thrill is hearing how people receive great pleasure from their pens and how they intend to create a legacy by passing on their special piece to someone else one day.

Curtis Australia has evolved into an international brand available in almost every one of the world’s continents, with a wide range of fine jewelry writing instruments and accessories. All are made to exacting standards - a legacy of times gone by undoubtedly - but with a vision and style directed firmly towards the future.