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Founder and designer of Loiminchay writing instruments, Patrick Chu is a pen collector at heart and intuitively understands what inspires others in the art of pen making. He has earned a reputation within his Loiminchay line for creating designs that, while classic, are completely fresh, using materials that are high quality - and unusual.

Chu is always looking to the future, absorbing trends and creating new ones. Over the years of his collecting of writing instruments, he has stored up many treasures. From time to time, Chu would examine them, admire them, and play with them like a child playing with toys. Until the year of 1999 or so, Chu decided to make his own pens and named the company, 'Loiminchay'.

Once the decision was made, Chu searched back to his roots, 5,000 years of Chinese arts and culture. Dragon and jade come in the picture, and of course, the Chinese porcelain vases as well.

Loimin- delightful, understanding
Chay- artelier, group
Patrick Chu, Founder